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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Rockwood Child Welfare support staff...R.I.P.

Me and the hot babes of Rockwood Child Welfare.

We are now combined with East Multnomah, but we will never forget the sizzle we were...

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Beaverton School District - support for the disabled

This story struck me on a few levels:

Beaverton School District's reaction to developmentally disabled student's efforts show why bureaucrats get a bad rap |

I went to Holladay Center in Portland thru the third grade. Holladay was a special school for the physically disabled. My dad's job took us to southern California for a year. I went to a special school down there as well.

When we returned to Oregon in 1974, I started going to regular public school in Beaverton. My mainstreaming experience was very positive. Jodie went to Holladay center as well. She was mainstreamed in Portland. He experience was not so good...another story.

One thing I did struggle with was socialization. I had friends in my classes and all, but I missed some of the comradery I had with other kids that had struggles similar to mine. At Holladay Center, there really was no disability, we all had different abilities.

What moves me about this story is Conall's persistence to create a club for special needs kids, and Beaverton school district administrators working to help Conall reach his goal, while abiding by privacy rules.

Takes me back to spring of 1982. I was a senior about to graduate from Beaverton High. A vice principal called me out of class. The school district wanted to pay my way to go to a summer science program at the University of Iowa.

I remember thinking "Why would they do this for me? After graduation and all."

I went for the two week program. I was exposed to many scientific fields of study. I made lots of friends. I remember a guy with cerebral palsy who worked for Caterpillar, with a message that has stuck with me to this day - whatever you do, be the best at it...make it worth the company's money to accommodate your needs. I remember our weekend trip to Chicago, and a trip to the top of Sears Tower.

I am still moved that the Beaverton School district made that life changing opportunity available to me. I am moved now to see they are still willing to go outside the box to provide unique opportunities for kids in their charge today.