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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Being disabled in time of trauma

Being disabled is never a picnic, but sometimes it can be really frustrating and downright scary.

People who know me can generally understand me. Throw in some trauma and people who don't know me and...well...lot's of luck.

Ten years ago when I had back surgery, I was recovering I the hospital. I needed help with something. I hit the call button and said "I need help. " All I got back was "We can't understand you sir." With cerebral palsy, the harder you try to talk, the worse it gets. Involuntary motions.

Help never came. When Jodie came in, she was furious.

Marriage is about pooling strengths. Throw in disabilities, like CP, as in the case of Glenda and Darrell, and Jodie and I, marriage goes beyond convenience. We depend on each other. We use our abilities to overcome the other's disabilities...if that makes any sense.

A few patients and accompanying companions followed the nurse into the secured treatment area. The nurse indicated that Darrell would have to go back to the waiting room because there wasn’t room for two wheelchairs.

Darrell explained that I needed him for speech purposes. But, once he relayed how the injury occurred and other necessary medical details, he was told to leave. The nurse assured him that she would come get him if he was needed. None of the other companions were forced to leave.

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Healing and peace my blog buddy Glenda!

Friday, March 25, 2011


I had never seen the word "concatenate" until today.

I was trying to merge multiple columns into one in Excel, in an effort to squeeze a two page phone list onto one.  Microsoft help screens are terrible; I always have to go to Google for real help.

I was trying to see if I could have different text formats within a concatenated cell.  Don't try to figure this one out...I am always trying to figure out the impossible.

Today, on my Don Quixote-like quest, I hit a computer virus...a bad one.  The computer ran a scan, then took me to a place to pay.  I knew that was not right.

I put my technical smarts to work.  Geek prayer - "Please God", geek trick- turn computer off...turn computer back on.

Didn't work.

I called the help desk.  Karen, our computer tech, came over.  I told her I was Googling to figure out  how to concatenate.  She laughed and said "that just sounds wrong!".

She had to re-mirror my computer.  It took quite awhile.