Living and laughing with a disability - cerebral palsy; ordinary life, extraordinary circumstances.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Return to doctor...again

I went to Dr. Molly again last week. I took heavy artial with me--Mom. Molly threw up her hands and said she does not know what is wrong with me. She referred me to a lung specialist--back to the theory that I might have pleurisy. I had been taking an anti-inflamatory that the urgent care doctor had prescribed, but only as needed. Molly wants me to keep taking daily it until our next visit to see if it prevents further episodes. So far, so good.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

More muscle spasms

My chest started really hurting again last night. I woke at 3 this morning and was very uncomfortable in bed. I could not find a comfortable position. I've been dealing with this medical problem for a year now. Doctors can't seem to figure out what it is. In the last month I have had days of severe pain and days of almost no pain.

I have been taking a muscle relaxant since Molly prescribed it in February. I had been feeling pretty good until an episode I had early this month. I went to urgent care and the dr. prescribed an nsaid and vicodin to help me through the pain. He must have read my chart pretty well, and he could see the spasms were really painful. Even though I had never seen this dr. before, he seemed knowledgeable of what I was going through.

I came home from work at noon last friday because of the pain. I could have stayed home today, but I don't want to miss too much work. I have a bad cough. I wonder if I have pneumonia. The found some pneumonia in my chest x-rays last year, but they assured me it was going away.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Last October I wrote about the parking ticket I got at work for parking in a handicapped space without having our disabled placard up. Jodie and I went downtown to the courthouse and were told we could fax a copy of our placard with the ticket and that would take care of it. Not quite...

We got a bill from the court for $20. Jodie called. I was not sure what it was for. Turns out it was related to the incident last October. Processing fee? Who knows. Not worth fighting.

Doggie treats have been added to the list of contaminated pet food. We have rawhide chews that we bought from Walmart. We keep them in a plastic container; the plastic bag they came in is long gone. Bonnie chews them a little bit; Clyde inhales them. The vet from the pet hospital left a message for us to call.

New album from Martina came out today - Waking up Laughing. I am listening to it right now. It sounds good - kinda slow - but good. I love the song "Anyway".

Jodie's birthday is tomorrow. We are going down to the casino - Spirit Mountain - tomorrow. A nice mid-week break.

Today I went to lunch with Vicky and Linda. We went to Carl's Jr. I have been there before and they have not had trouble taking my order. Today the guy did not want to even try. He called out to see if anybody would help me embarrassing!