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Saturday, July 07, 2012

A Good Life

I was working at my volunteership yesterday down at the Special Olympics of Oregon,  I am there 10-2 on Fridays.

I am photo editing right now, going through hundreds of photos of last years Polar Plunge, re-sizing and cropping them for the new site.  I will be working on another site after this...the Bite of Oregon.

The intern cubical that I work at is pretty starkly decorated.  A couple notebooks, and a yellow sticky pinned to the wall.

Just a few simple words, but they say so much.

A good life is when you
Assume nothing
do more
need less
smile often
dream big
laugh a lot
And realize how blessed you are.

These words mean a lot to me right now, Even though I am nearing 50, I am still trying to grow up. I have ideas of where I want to be and what I want to do...but realities get in the way.

I searched Google to find where these words came from. What I found is that the author is unknown.

I wonder who posted these words on that sticky note?

My supervisor, "Avery" as everyone calls him, signs each of his emails with "Dream Big".

Hmm. Infectious optimism.

My heart knows the truth of these words.

Life is not about where we are going; it is about where we are right now.

Dream Big...Laugh a lot...And realize how blessed you are.