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Friday, April 27, 2012

A shout out to some great people

My scooter wasn't charging.  We replaced the batteries last summer, so I didn't think it was those.

The shop close to our house wanted $50 just to look at we don't have to burn.

We called our friends at All in One Mobility.  It was a cost to fix.

They remembered us...and called us friends.

A great business!

All In One Mobility, Portland, Oregon, wheelchair vans, accessible roll-in shower, handicap, wheelchair lift, walk in bath, ramps, wheelchairs, ada shower, stair chair.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Chest pains...go to the ER...

I was not feeling good at work yesterday.  I wax working on an adoption assistance case that had been held up because of bugs in the system.  I just wanted to muddle through and git 'er done...and get to 5 o'clock.

Jodie was home on furlough, so I drove straight home after work.  I came in and told Eric and Jodie I wasn't feeling well.  I went down to the bedroom, went to the bathroom, then I was going to lay down.  The pain in my chest was pretty strong.  I have been down this road before.  I did not want an ambulance ride.

I went and told Eric and Jodie that my chest was really hurting.  We all decided I should go in to the ER. I asked Eric to load us into the van and drive us.

We went down to Providence Hospital.  There was a crowd in the lobby, but when they heard I had chest pains, they got me right in.

The nurse tried to get my blood pressure.  He wrapped the thing around my arm.  The machine was having trouble getting a reading.  He told me to be still...not the thing to tell a cp'er because it makes us all the more nervous and makes us shake all the more...but I tried.  I was surprised because I have had my blood pressure taken before with no trouble.  They hooked me up to the ekg machine and everything appeared normal.

Jodie wanted to be with me in the intake room, but there was not room for her power chair.  It seemed funny to us, because last time they made room.  Jodie and I feel that people are used to seeing disabled people with able bodied helpers, but not two disabled people together.

I was hooked up to oxygen...good stuff!  They took me back to one of the ER rooms.  They hooked me up to all the machines, and gave me an inhaler to breathe in.  They x-rayed my chest.

All that was found was some inflammation on the walls of my lungs.  I have bronchitis they think.  It is viral, so there is no meds to prescribe.  They did prescribe an inhaler...and ibuprofen for pain.

I have been sitting out too much in the cold, wet, Oregon spring watching my boy play baseball.  SisD says I need to where a hat and a scarf.  Yeah, right!  So uncool!

Yes, I am going to live.  The pain seems stronger this time than it was last time.

Two days off work, then back to Dilbert cubeville.