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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Exit 188

I just re-upped this domain, "" for another 2 years.  I suppose I should be saying something on it.

Having a blog is a responsibility and a curse.  I'll think of something interesting to write about, then I'll talk myself out of writing about it, telling myself, "Who'd be interested in that?"

Jodie just got super excited over a $5 coupon card we got in the mail.  See! That's the excitement around here.

We had some sadness nearly two weeks ago.  We took one of our two dogs into be seen at Banfield Pet Clinic.  She was acting real listless.  As Eric and I took Bonnie in, I had no idea how sick she was.  Anemia...not much could be done for her.  We had to say goodbye to her.

Clyde has been looking for Bonnie ever since. When we come home now, Clyde goes nuts and runs throughout the whole house, as if Bonnie may have snuck in the door with us.

 The staff at Banfield sent us a sympathy card, with Bonnie's paw print, and signed by all the staff.  They have been seeing Bonnie and Clyde since they were pups eight years ago.  The card really meant a lot to us.

The highlight of our life is our boy and his baseball.  He pitched a wonderful 1-0 game against Gaston a couple weeks ago to win a trip to state.  KUIK 1360 AM was there.  Hearing the radio announcer say "Wittren" over and over again was a thrill!

A week ago, Jodie's mom and sister, Denise, Jodie and I were roadtriping to Stanfield.  Clyde came with us.  Yes, he is being spoiled these days...;)

Exit 188.  Stanfield.  First stop on the way to the state championship.

Eric pitched a gem. His Portland Christian teammates played well.  We were ahead throughout the game   The rain showers seemed to hit only when Eric was pitching.  The Stanfield boys battled, and, in the end, they snagged the game.

Yes, a bummer.  The dream of a state championship will have to wait another year.  For now, summer ball starts this weekend.

Eric takes his SAT this weekend.  Prayers for him and all the kids out there taking the test.

We are hoping to visit a few colleges this summer...between the ball games...;)

Not hugely interesting...I know...but that is what is going on with us.