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Sunday, September 13, 2015

It's been awhile...

Yes, it has been awhile since I've tended to my blog.

Our son, Eric, graduated high school last year (2014).  He has just begun his second year of college.  Even though he is only an hour away, and he comes home for school breaks and occasional weekends, we have experienced empty nesters syndrome.

Life goes along.  Things slowly change.  You don't see the change until one day you start thinking about today and what is different now from back however long ago.

When a child leaves the home, it is different.

When we dropped Eric off at college last year, I cried when we said goodbye.  Selfish, I know.  My mind was flooded with thoughts.  Bringing Eric home from the hospital when he was born, crawling on the floor with him, t-ball, baseball, basketball, school functions, scout activities.  Everything we did for eighteen years revolved around him.

Suddenly, it's time to step away.  He doesn't need us anymore.  Well, that's how it felt at first.  As the days and weeks passed, and the phone calls and texting increased, I realize that he still does need us -- and always will -- just in different ways.

His second year of college has just begun.  He loves being back at school with his friends.  I'm happy that he is happy back at school.

When he does come home to see is, he is happier to see us.

Life is quieter for us now.  Sometimes we miss having a baseball game to go to, but sometimes the quieter life is nice.

Life changes.  It's better to accept it than to fight it.

Our son is out making his own mark on the world, making us very proud.

Seeing the sparkle of the beginning of the new chapter has helped me get my mind off the sadness of seeing the last chapter close.