Living and laughing with a disability - cerebral palsy; ordinary life, extraordinary circumstances.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Disability squared

Its been a week. I was putting my walker in the van. I fell backward out of the van.

Gone are the days when all that I hurt in a fall was my pride. I chipped my elbow. I am in a splint as the swelling lessens. I will be getting a cast on Friday.

Yes, I am typing this with my left middle finger, with new appreciation for my blogger friend, Glenda, the left thumb blogger.

Disability squared is what it feels like – already disabled, dealing with a temporary disability on top. Not that I am complaining...just another challenge to get through.

Daytime tv. Newest scandal. GMA. College baseball. Ellen. Maneuvering one handedly with my walker. Best friend, Clyde, with his eye on me all day long.

Next week I will be torturing Eric by having Eric drive me to work. Making a kid get up before 10 in the summer, evil!


Saturday, June 01, 2013

Changing the symbol for disability...why the fuss?

What's in an image?  Don Draper would say everything. The Madmen of Madison Ave know that we can easily be manipulated into thinking and feeling pretty much whatever they want us to think and they think and feel their way to our pocket books.

The international symbol for disability.  The stick figure of a guy in a wheelchair.  He and the chair is one.  Not a perfect symbol for disability, but it is simple..we all know what it is...why would anyone want to change it up?

Boingnoing has the story of how New York City has adopted a new international symbol for accessibility:

In the new symbol, the guy looks active.  He is using the wheelchair, yes, but he is not one with the chair.  He does not look passive; he is in motion.

Disability is not for sissies.  What Jodie and I go through to get ready everyday for work.  We are getting older, moving a bit slower...basically dealing with age and disability.  The other day I had been on my feet too long in the kitchen doing my morning routine.  I was hurting.  I decided to skip breakfast.  Jodie kinda scolded me...she knows how I get when I haven't eaten.

Jodie is dealing with lots of new aches and pains and other issues. 

The lift on our van is acting up.  We need to get it into the shop.  We are a bit nervous, because we don't know how much it will cost us.

I share this stuff not for sympathy.  Disability is not a life we chose.  We were born into it.   We have fought to overcome obstacles since we were kids.  We are overcomers, and I would dare say that most other people dealing with disability are likewise overcomers. 

You can stick with the symbol of the motionless guy that is one with the wheelchair is the proper symbol for disability, or accessibility.  I prefer the guy in motion, using a wheelchair as a tool to get where he needs to get.  Not sitting, but moving and overcoming.