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Saturday, March 22, 2014

My glasses broke...Can I see your insurance card?

Jodie was washing my eyeglasses yesterday morning before work.  As she was drying them, they snapped into two pieces.  No would have happened to me just as easy.

These were bifocals that broke.  I found some old single lens glasses that I dug out so that I can see to drive.
Today I took my broken glasses to my eye doctor's shop.  We like that the shop has Saturday hours.   I've been going to him for 15 years or so.  Jodie has gone to him since she was in high school.  Dr. Clay has done a lot for her very unique sight issues.

Jodie stayed in the less time for me to run out lift.  I got my walker out.  Jodie handed me the baggy with my broken glasses.

I walked into the shop.  A lady from behind the reception desk helped me with the second door.

She said, "Is someone coming in with you?"

It surprised me and irritated me.  I thought, "Does someone need to come in with me?"...but I said, "No."

I gave her the baggy with my broken glasses and I asked "Can you fix these?"

Her answer was "No."  Not a huge surprise.  She did have a card for a place that could weld them together.

I am overdue an eye exam and new set of glasses with my insurance.  I asked for an appointment wit Dr. Clay.

Then, I got the look..."your disabled, so you must be on medicare..."

She asked, "Can I see your insurance card?"

She took it to the computer and ran my card.  She found out "Wow...he really does have insurance...and he is a customer here!"

She asked me if was an emergency.  Kind of evident I thought, but, easy going guy that I am, I said, "Not really."

So, a week from Monday I have an eye appointment with Dr. Clay.  I wonder if I should take Jodie with me in case I need to fill out paperwork?

Being disabled sucks sometimes.  No, I didn't just say that.

Honestly, I am well adjusted...;)

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