Living and laughing with a disability - cerebral palsy; ordinary life, extraordinary circumstances.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I don't do paperwork very well...

Being disabled is a pain in the but sometimes, as I'm sure you can imagine.

Today I had an appointment to have my feet and lower legs molded for something I will be blogging about in the near future.  Cliff hanger!  ;)

I pulled into the parking lot, but the lines for the disabled parking were faded.  I could not see where to park.  I saw a disabled spot on the street by the door, so I took that spot.

I got my walker out of the van, and walked to the front door, just a few steps away.  I pulled the door open and pushed my walker inside the door.

A receptionist saw me and said "You must be Troy."  She seated me and handed me a clipboard with a bunch of papers to fill out.  I told her "I don't do paperwork well."  She laughed and said "None of us do!"

I hate asking for help.  I probably should have gone beyond "I don't do paperwork well," but the lady was already back in the other room before I could get another word.

Paper forms and pen.  My kryptonite...totally!

I can do wonderful things on the computer.  I drive a big ol' van.  I hold down a full-time job.  I use to hand write when I was in school.  I have a signature stamp at work and I have Google Docs on my smartphone.  I rarely hand write anything anymore.

Faced with forms to complete and a pen...I tried

Last name...first security id...emergency contact...on and on.

I tried to stay within the allotted spaces, but I couldn't.  I tried my best...but it was not very good.

The receptionist came back.  Older lady, classic receptionist type.
She saw the form I was working on.

A look of horror came across her face.  I could read he mind "Oh my God, he really can't write!"

Rather than offering to help me complete the form, she asked for my drivers license so she could make a copy of it, then circled a couple spots for me to sign.

I felt stupid and embarrassed...all those things.

When I told Jodie what had happened, she was mad at herself for not coming with me.  We have a symbiotic relationship.  I drive her to her appointments...she comes with me to my first appointments to do all the paperwork.

I don't know why, but we weren't expecting paperwork at this appointment.  Everything about me is on the computer.

Sometimes it would be nice to not be disabled.


Thursday, January 02, 2014

Thank you Abbey Curran

Yes, Jodie and I watch the show "Dance Moms" with the tough as nails dance instructor Abby Lee Miller, driving little girls to tears and dance moms to cat fights.

There is another Abbey - Abbey Curran.  Rather than being a dance instructor, she is a beauty queen...Miss Iowa 2008.  She is unique in the world of pageants because she has cerebral palsy.

Rather than yelling at little girls in an attempt to draw out their best talents, Abbey Curran hosts a special kind of beauty pageant for kids with special needs.  It is called the 'Miss you can do it' pageant.

The purpose of this pageant is less about competition and more about showing young girls with various disabilities and special needs that they are beautiful, that they matter, and that they can dream dreams that can come true just like any other girl.

A movie was made of the pageant, appropriately titled "Miss You Can Do It."  Watch it yourself to be inspired by kids who are facing tough odds, their families who love and support them,  and the love and grace that Abbey and the other pageant officials show toward the kids to give them a positive experience to remember.

This is a great movie to show your kids, especially if they need to be reminded of how good they have it and the challenges other kids face.

Yes, Jodie and I had tears as we watched this movie.  A different kind of beauty that this world is normally way to blind to see.

Thank you Abbey Curran.