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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Today the sidewalk was blocked...and we were bummed....

Jodie and I are baseball parents.  We try to make every game that our son, Eric, plays.

Today we had a double header at Madison.  Eric played summer ball for them a couple years ago.  The only curb cut is on the corner of 82nd and NE Thompson.  We travel the street down to the busy corner, then ride the sidewalk back to the skinny gate and bumpy grass trail that goes to the baseball field.

Today the sidewalk was blocked...and we were bummed.

I'm not good with my phone camera, but here are some shots I took today:

I rode my scooter to the parking lot above.  No way in there.

This is the only ramp near the baseball field.

The sidewalk was blocked.

No curb cut near the gate.

We sat in the street watching the game from the outfield fence.  People kept coming by to check on us.  They missed having us with them to cheer the boys on.  That made us feel good.

Accessibility gets a lot of lip service, but it is not understood until you deal with it yourself, or with a loved one you are assisting.

For some of us, accessibility, or finding a way around barriers, is a way of life.


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